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Sunday, 7 April: Isaiah 43:16-21 & John 12:1-8 For the Fifth Sunday in Lent (Passion Sunday), Jack uses the division and chaos being caused by the UK withdrawal from Europe (Brexit!) to look at why Jesus died on the Cross, and why this was something God said must happen. The

Buy Qualitest Phentermine

Purchase Phentermine

Sunday, 24 March: Isaiah 55:1-9 & Luke 13:1-9 For the Third Week of Lent Jack invites the congregation to consider afresh what Jesus meant by ‘repentance’, and to recognise it is a call to a change in mind-set and worldview within society as opposed to just in regard to issues of personal

Buy Phentermine 4U

Order Phentermine Hcl 37.5 Mg

Sunday 17 March: Genesis 15:1-6 & Luke 13:31-35 This year the Second Sunday in Lent fell on the Sunday the congregation holds its Annual Stated Meeting following the service. This means the service is reduced in length to accommodate and so rather than a sermon Jack provides a short homily around

Rx Phentermine Online

Phentermine 50 Mg Online

Sunday, 20 January: Isaiah 62:1-5 & John 2:1-11 For the Second Sunday after Epiphany Jack invites the congregation to look afresh at the familiar story of the transformation of water into wine and see the artistry with which the inspired author imbued the tale; bringing meaning to almost every detail

Phentermine 8Mg

Buy Phentermine A159

Sunday, 6 January 2019: Isaiah 60:1-6 & Matthew 2:1-12 For the Day of Epiphany, the first Sunday of the year, Jack takes the idea of literary adaptations for TV to explain the purpose of the story of the Magi and what the comparison of Herod with the infant Jesus means for

Phentermine 40 Mg