Our Digital Kirk on the Canal seeks to  call and nurture digital disciples.

Our Digital Kirk is a new project for 2020 and beyond. Polwarth Church will offer an online Christian fellowship which nurtures wholeness and wellbeing.

During the covid-19 restrictions of 2020 we introduced the parish of Polwarth and wider community to the potential of online services of worship and opportunities for fellowship, Bible study and faith nurture using our existing limited equipment and knowledge. We quickly identified the opportunity to develop this online ministry and outreach beyond the present lockdown situation and to make more widely accessible Polwarth Church’s particular mission as a space for wholeness and wellbeing founded on Christ the Healer. This mission is already expressed through our engagement with the Union Canal which runs from the rural outskirts to the centre of the city of Edinburgh.

A generous grant from Allchurches Trust‘s Hope Beyond fund combined with congregational contributions will allow us to update equipment to allow us to live stream from our location. We will embrace the call from our national Church of Scotland to become a digital Church and take the proven benefits of blue and green spaces to a much wider constituency along with contemporary Christian fellowship and compassionate pastoral care.

Pre-Coronavirus we offered a place for wholeness and wellbeing
through the ministry of Christ the Healer. The goal going forward is
to reform that ministry & mission to operates primarily in a digital
space making unique physical resources available virtually.

From our location beside the 200 yr old Union Canal and our peaceful canal side gardens and beautiful sanctuary with permanent labyrinth we will invite people from near and far to encounter Christ the Healer, engage with Christ’s risen digital body, and deepen a spiritual engagement with the natural gifts of green and blue spaces offered by our canal-side gardens, decking area with pontoon and access to the Union Canal aboard our project canal boat ALL ABOARD.

We will invite those who are able to physically gather for worship, fellowship, service and faith nurture to respond to Christ’s invitation to become fishers of men and women in new digital ways appropriate to the times. Together we will reach out from Polwarth Parish Church with the Good News that Christ the Healer seeks to bring wholeness and wellbeing to all.

Those who cannot be physically present will be placed at the centre of a community discovering virtual ways to gather, share, serve and celebrate. A community called to become a light to the nations. Together those community members, online or present, will encounter the risen Christ and be encouraged to share the Good News of Christ’s compassion for a troubled world.

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