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Bethany Christian Trust


FreshStart    Click Buy Phentermine 37.5 K25 for more information on how you can become involved through Polwarth Church


Phentermine K25 Buy

Buy Qualitest PhentermineBuy Phentermine Online Mexico 




Phentermine Diet Pills For Cheap


We also collect and recycle used stamps, foreign and out-of-date coins, old spectacles, mobile phones, ink cartridges, cardboard and paper, and discourage unnecessary purchases.

Purchase Phentermine

News from EMMS:


Polwarth Parish Church & EMMS International, Partnering To Bring Vital Healthcare to Malawi.

Polwarth Parish Church will be partnering with EMMS International  in supporting the training of vital health care workers at  Ekwendeni College of Health Sciences, in the rural north of Malawi.

EMMS International is Edinburgh’s very own Medical Mission and the oldest continually functioning Medical Mission in the world, having being founded as the Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society in 1841. Today EMMS International works with its partners to bring healthcare to some of the poorest and most marginalised communities in the world, in India, Malawi and Nepal.

The Critical Healthcare Need In Malawi

Malawi consistenly ranks among the poorest countries in the world, which poses significant challenges in providing healthcare for the population. In Malawi there is only one doctor for every 40,000 people. Trained healthcare staff are in desperately short supply, especially in the rural areas.

There is a particular problem affecting maternal health in Malawi which is the availability and access to Registered Nurse Midwives. This is an acutre problem for a country where 84% of the population live in rural, less accessible areas. Malawi has less than 4 nurse midwives per 10,000 population, lagging behind the southern Africa regional average of more than 9.

Midwives trained at Ekwendeni on qualification serve throughout the rural areas of Malawi, so the inistituion is making an important impact nationally in the area of maternal care.

Your Vital Support

The training of more national healthcare professionals is vital if Malawi is to tackle its high rates of maternal and infant mortality. This means your sponsorship of the training of a Midwifery Student will make a vital contribution to the improvement of healthcare provision for mothers and babies in some of the poorest and most marginalised communities in the world.

Ronald J Sider, wrote in his book “Rich Christians in an of Hunger” that “No one can do everything but everyone can do something and together we can change the world.” Polwarth Parish Church through working together with EMMS International and Ekwendeni College of Health Sciences can be confident that it  really is doing something to change the world for mothers and babies in Malawi.


Name                   :           Ezinas Mkandawire (Female)

Age                      :           23 years

Presbytery          :           Rumphi Presbytery

My motivation to become an RNM

I am Eznass Mkandawire one of the RNM students at Ekwendeni College of Health Sciences aged 23 years old. There are many things that motivated someone to do something but to my side it was just my desire to become a Nurse, thereafter it is when I applied this course (RNM) at Ekwendeni College of Health Sciences and lucky enough I was considered. During the first year of study, I try my best to work very hard so that when I qualify I should provide the best health care to the community members and also work hand in hand with the government and any other organizations to improve the living standard of people.

As of now the results for the first year of study are not yet in because we haven’t written the End of Year Examination but I have just passed the Continuous Assessment. During the course of study, I faced some problems in other courses like ICT and Pharmacology because it was difficult for me to understand them properly and also lack of resources especially ICT, but I hope I will try my best to improve these course in second year of study since we are about to finish the first year. Although I faced some problems duringn my first year of study but the most importantly thing is that I have learnt or gained much information which helped me during clinical practice and also wherever I will be working.



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