Can You Help Us?

The congregation of Polwarth Church provides the local community with a location and space for a variety of organisations and events. We are glad to have this privilege.

We are also seeking to promote Polwarth Church as a place for wholeness and well-being and are engaged in a number of projects with the potential of realising our vision. But we are a small congregation in number (around 40 people will be in church on any given Sunday). Many are older, some are working during the week, and so we have limited capacity for volunteering.

This is a plea for help from the wider community, many of whom will no doubt have used our premises or attended activities and events in them. Will you help us?

We have a pop-up café running each Tuesday from 10am until 1.30pm ably led by our Outreach Worker, Pauline Rumbles. Intended to be a friendly meeting place that will help with isolation and loneliness, it has only been operating for over a month, but it has already become a popular destination for people of all generations. But we are low on volunteers able to serve each week. There is a rota that needs to be augmented by one or two extra people each week. So can you give up a few hours a month?

We are the location for a charity called Canal Shed. This is where people of any age can come together to engage in active, social, artistic, and environmental pursuits. They are there to assist people who again are isolated, alone, retired but still wanting to be active and useful, have health issues that prevent work. The charity needs financial support to maintain its leadership and also people to serve on its Board of Trustees, and also of course to welcome those who need such a service. So can you offer help in any of these capacities?

We are working to buy a suitable canal boat and working alongside another charity who help children and young people in disadvantages areas of the city. We need help in finding a suitable vessel, we need people with canal boat experience to guide us, we need to who might give practical help when the boat arrives to refit it, and to generally work with us in building up community alongside other canal users. Are you such a person?

We have a number of other areas of work: Bethany Night Shelters (caring for the homeless), Guid Blethers (retired and isolated people), Labyrinth (spiritual seekers and wholeness and well-being). We also have a large getting-older B-Listed building and halls that need constant care, and our 40 on a Sunday have to find an annual budget of over £100,000 so keep this attractive community asset in existence.

So can you contribute, assist, help, participate, give encouragement? If so make yourself known. Contact our office by e-mail or phone and Amy will put you in touch with the person you need to reach.








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