A New Year Message

Our minister, Jack Holt, writes: “A Happy New Year! I just wanted to thank all the people, beyond those who gather on a Sunday morning, who attended our special Christmas events and services, for helping making them a great success, and for contributing financially towards the charities we partner.

I also want to thank all the users of our premises for making our location a hub for building community among people of all ages and circumstances. I hope that your group will thrive in 2018.

Finally, I believe 2018 will be a year of significance for Polwarth Church, as we prepare for new developments in our vision to be a place of wholeness and well-being for the community at large. There are exciting things happening through our location on the Canal, with the Garden Project and the Canal Shed, and with our Labyrinth in the building. We are supporting a number of charities overseas such as Christian Aid, Fairtrade, EMMS International and Embrace the Middle East and also Bethany Trust and Fresh Start locally.

We would  welcome anyone who would like to help us with any of these developments and support us in making Polwarth Church  a location for  growing a community hub. If you are interested in any aspect of our work contact us through the office, where you will speak to Amy, our Administrator, who will connect you with the appropriate person to get you involved.”

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